Google Images Search Open Redirection Vulnerability

Yes, I know Open Redircetion Vulnerablities are abundant on various sites and can be found easily. However I take this opportunity to populate my blog with various flaws found by me just for record. Who cares thousands of redirection flaws found on many sites but when the vendor is so prominent and didn't pay attention to the problem even when notified to them many days back..and still remains is surprising.
The Open redirection vulnerability may be an easily dectectable one but when it comes to exploit can lead to serious consequences like..misdirecting users to any malicious site ,which in turn, can download malwares on user's PC, Phishing attack or even DOS in certain cases and that too on cost of Vendor's reputation. That's why waiting for the vendor to fix it I am going to publish it here.

The following URL:
can be used to redirect a user to another site created by the attacker.
It works only when both parameters are supplied ‘imgurl’ and ‘imgrefurl’.
Threat: Phishing.
Proof of Concept: -
The following URL will redirect a user to another site(eg:
The URL can be used for Phishing attack
The link above can be used to make user visit any Phishing site as user will see name of 'google' in the URL and easily follow it.Even it can be encoded an d provided to the user for more sophisticated attack.

Had it been one parameter attack then DOs can also be performed like:
Now although the previous link does not perform a DOS, similar trickcan practically perform a DOS attack, causing the client to endlessly wait for the reply.


vinnu said…
This is a latest redirect i found in rediff:;URL=

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