Finally Mozilla will work to d(r)efine their definition

Today I got mail form Mozilla:
We will work with RSnake and Jeremiah to refine our definition of Clickjacking. Thank-you. - -Dan Veditz Mozilla Security Team

- -Dan Veditz
Mozilla Security Team

This was regarding my last mail to Mozilla in which I had sent an Advisory to Mozilla about the Clickjacking. But as always there was again slight differences between mine and their definition of Clickjacking.Then I verified the case with none other than RSnake and Jeremiah, who replied me:
RSnake’s Response:
-----Original Message-----From: RSnake [] Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 4:18 AMTo: Nilesh Kumar (India)Subject: Re: Clickjacking
Answers inline.
Nilesh Kumar (India) wrote:> Hi RSnake!> Thanks for quick response. I want your kind help regarding it a bit> more.>> I agree with your theory. But I want your comments regarding all the> three specific cases I have described.>> Case 1. Used a frame to load a website in background and overlapped an> invisible div tag exactly over the button to be clicked. So user can see> the legitimate button in the background and clicks it whereas he> actually clicks invisible div tag over it and get redirected to another> malicious site.>>
Yes, this is one form of clickjacking.
And this is what Jeremiah says via LinkedIn mail:

On 02/18/09 7:51 AM, Jeremiah Grossman wrote:--------------------Case 1 most closely resembles Clickjacking. The following white paper will have more details and diagrams.
I forwarded the responses to Mozilla and finally they are again verifying their facts.Thanks to RSnake and Jeremiah for their encouraging words!


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