Gmail provides Hijack detection tool

It's not 'Eureka'! I admit...
I know this is not any extraordinary feature and somebody might be familiar with it. But this post is for unfamiliar ones and I was amongst them until I searched this feature.
I don't say this one is going to provide full proof security, but yes, to some extent you can make yourself sure that your account is not opened at any other machine except you, what activities have been performed and at what time, form which IP etc--every bit of information can make yourself more confident.
The feature can be found below the user interaction area.


vitamine c said…
In a BGP prefix hijacking event, a router originates a route to a prefix, but does not provide data delivery to the actual prefix. Prefix hijacking events have been widely reported and are a serious problem in the Internet. This paper presents a new Prefix Hijack Alert System. PHAS is a real-time notification system that alerts prefix owners when their BGP origin changes. By providing reliable and timely notification of origin AS changes, PHAS allows prefix owners to quickly and easily detect prefix hijacking events and take prompt action to address the problem.

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