OWASP AppSec Asia Conference 2009, New Delhi

2009 - OWASP India is back with more interesting and exciting stuff from AppSec World..With the successful launch of OWASP India Conference in August 2008, organized in New Delhi with participation from 350+ attendees from 80+ companies and government sector. OWASP India now proudly announces the biggest Information security conference in India in association with Canada based Information Security Conference (www.securitybyte.org). Securitybyte and OWASP AppSec Asia Conference 2009 is planned for 17th - 20th November 2009 in New Delhi. Event will cover end-to-end Information Security tracks that includes Application Security, Network / Infrastructure Security, Cyber Terrorism, Cloud security,SOA Security, Cyber Forensics, Wi-Fi security, Risk Management & Compliance, etc.

Brief list of Speakers in the conference:
Howard A. Schmidt, Advisor, NIST & PSG - ENISAJohn Bumgarner ,SSCP Research Director for Security Technology, U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit
Shreeraj Shah, B.E., MSCS, MBA, Founder, BlueInfy

Dino Covotsos,Founder & Managing Director, Telspace Systems
Charlton Smith ,Security Analyst, Telspace Systems
Nitin Kumar,Independent Security Engineer & Researcher, NVLabs
Vipin Kumar,Independent Security Consultant & Analyst, NVLabs
Joshua Talbot ,Security Intelligence Analysis Team, Symantec Corporation
Aviram Jenik,Founder, Beyond Security
C├ędric Blancher ,Head of Computer Security Research Lab EADS Innovation Works
Mano Paul (CISSP, MCSD, MCAD, CompTIA Network+, ECSA)
Fyodor Yarochkin, Security Consultant, GuardInfo
Other Speakers:
Jeremiah Grossman, White Hat Security
Alexander Kornbrust, Red Database Security GmbH
Robert Hansen (RSnake), Ha.ckers.org
There will be training sessions as well:
  • Application, Database & Web Security
  • Infrastructure Security (Network / Wireless/ Bluetooth / Malware / Forensics / Cyber- terrorism / Physical Security / Information warfare etc.)

There will be few 0-Day(Zero day) attacks as well :)

So fasten your seat belt and be ready for the excitement. Be there...

For any queries contact:

OWASP India Co-Chairs-

Mr. Puneet Mehta at puneet.mehta(at)owasp.org

Mr. Dhruv Soi at dhruv.soi(at)owasp.org

For more information on sessions,schedules, event and Registration go to:




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