'Information Leakage-Improper Error Handling' dropped

From Owasp Top 10 2010 List, the issue 'Information Leakage-Improper Error Handling' has been dropped. But it's not the final list,its child release actually. Bu I feel it shouldn't be set aside because its still the one of the prevalent issues these days. That's why I mailed to Dave Wicher:
Hi Dave,

Excellent work, Congrats!

Just one little query- Don't you think that Information Leakage & Improper
Error Handling still deserves to be in Top 10?
Dave replied:

This topic is clearly a very prevalent issue that deserves attention by
most organizations. However, the typical impact of such a flaw is usually very low. Therefore, the overall risk of this type of flaw is lower than the other items in the top 10, which is why it was replaced in this update with one of the 2 new items.
Regarding dropping Info Leak/Error handling - It is incredibly

prevalent, no question. But their impact is typically very low, so the

overall risk is low, which is why it fell out of this new risk focused

top 10. It doesn't mean this isn't important, but the other items in our

opinion introduce more risk.
We'd rather have people spend more time fixing the actual flaws than

focusing on fixing info leak/error handling that help them find actual




NaPsTeR said…
Hi Nilesh

I just stumbled onto your blog and have found it very interesting. Congrats and keep up the good work !

I agree with your comment and your concern about Information Leakage. Actually in the Information Security world, that is a severe problem called as DATA BREACH. There is a lot of topics that include Data breaches, the precautions and forensics related to that. There has been already a lot of research being done to have a clause in the policy for its disclosure and the related options for prevention. So, during my lectures too I retorted several times to the professors that once there is a data breach, all the information related to that guy is gone i.e. the guy is in big trouble. He can be harmed not only now, later and I don't know there are many ways to extort money and likes. Again, I am one of the kinds who thinks that Data breaches are severely underrated. I would love to get some more info about this from you and other researchers you know.


vitamine b12 said…
You may think that your policies, procedures, tools, techniques and appliances are enough to secure and protect your data. You would probably be dumbfounded to find out just how much data- confidential, private, sensitive data that nobody has any business seeing- is available via the Web if you just know the right search term syntax to use. To learn more about the problem of information leakage, how to determine if your data is at risk, and steps to take to secure your data and remove it from Web search engines, read Information Leakage: Protect Against 'Google Hacking'.
Nilesh Kumar said…
@ Napster

Hi Nipun, Thanks a lot for commenting and surely I will let you know any info I ahve on Data Breaches. You can contact me at: nileshkumar83@gmail.com


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