SSLStrip Video

SSLStrip is still haunting me ;). In my organization I was told to make a video of it. I know its a very old concept now but I have to comply by the instructions. So I made it and thought to place on my blog. There won't be any audio with it. So if you are unaware of what the tool does or how it does please refer to my previous post.
Caution : The video may not be so professional and finishing touch. Inconvenience is regretted! :)


Chintan Dave said…
Dude, use some good quality screen recorder. This video is of little use as hardly something is visible.
Nilesh Kumar said…
Yes Chintan,I agree...
I did it in a haste...will modify that. :)
2imprez said…
Hi Nilesh,
can i hve ur mobile number to contact.
actually i m also working on ethical hacking field.
Nilesh Kumar said…
Hi 2imprez,
Provide your email id. I shall contact you.


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