Few more settings for NTLMaps

This is in continuation of my previous post on How to use NTLMAPS tool for pen-testing application requiring NTLM authorization. I was quite thorough and detailed about the steps about how to connect the tool in between the proxy and server-until one day I found a mail from Mark Wityszyn:

Hi Nilesh,

I've been struggling with the same problem for while now and keep coming back to NTLMAPS but have never manage to get it to work for web server authentication.

Would you be willing to share you configuration options from NTLMAPS?

Then I realized, I have missed the configuration settings that is to be made in the server.cfg file of NTLMAPS.

Here it is:

Go to the server.cfg file which will be in the ntlmaps folder and search and change the following lines with your settings:

PARENT_PROXY_PORT: specify here your Paros/Burp 'local' proxy port no.

NT_DOMAIN: domain name of the network

USER: userid which needs to be authenticated

PASSWORD: password for user-id above

Hope that helps.


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