Process listening on the ports

Some times it becomes very necessary to confirm which exe or process is listening upon which port in order to determine the reason behind the running services on those ports. For example, if you find that there is one more web service running over another port, suppose 8082 apart from port 80, you may need to determine, after all which process. To see it type:
netstat -anb:
If you see the above output, you can see the inetinfo.exe process is running on two ports 80 and 3205 which in turn are http and sapdp05 respectively. Also, the respective PID or processID, which in this case is 2644 for inetinfo.exe. So, if you stop or kill the inetinfo.exe process, these services will stop.

I have seen in some PCs, specially in Win7 netstat -ab command does not work. So for determining about the process listening on a specific port you can do like this:
type netstat -ano | find "2644" as we know that PID 2644 is responsible for opening the port 80 (http) and 3205 (sapdp05) but we exactly don't know the process name. So we can map them like the following picture:
The PID 2644 is mapped to inetinfo.exe in the Windows task manager. But if you want to just stop port 80 (or say, don't want the inetinfo.exe should listen on port 80, ie. http) you need to stop WWW Publishing into Services.msc. This will allow inetinfo.exe to tun on port no. 3205 (sapdp05) which may be a required service but stop http (port 80).

So this way you can determine how to check which exe or process is responsible for running a specific service on a specific port.


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