When sqlite3 is unavailable

Sometime we come across cases, where sqlite3 is not available on the android device and we are stuck with pull and push of sqlite3 from emulator or our client machine to the android device.
I saw a lot of articles around using adb to pull and push the sqlite3 binray. Nothing worked for me due to some reasons.
I tried to the following effective way:

1. Install SFTPserver app on your android device. Configure and run it.
2. Install some SFTP client at your client machine, I used Cyberduck at my Mac.
3. The twist was, even I was able to connect to the android device files and folders, was not able to read the Data folder where the SQLite database resides., including other folders. Then either you should install a SFTP server with root privileges, maybe that was the reason behind above.
4. So, in this case, I did an ssh to my android device, (use ssh server on the android device and run it).
5. Run the cat /data/data/package_name/.../example.db > /sdcard/example.db
6. Now access the db file using Cyberduck on your client machine (Mac).
7. Open the db file using any sqlite browser at Mac.

That's it.


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