Become a professional certified as ASS ;)

No joke...No indecent word's Certified Application Security Specailist (Certified ASS).
A new certification for Application Security professionals. And the attractive feature of the certification is you need not take any exam. The main features of the certification is:
1. No need to study - Candidates use our exclusive certification process to prove their Stated History of Individual Training via self-validation, which reflects their real-world experiences.
2. No need to take exams - After self validation, candidates agree to the Oath of Office and Code of Ethics. This process ensures only the most experienced ASS achieve certified status, without the need for a test.
3. Lowest Cost - There is no cost to become a Certified ASS! While many candidates have long been considered ASS's, they can now validate that claim with true certification at no cost.
4. Reflects the real world of security - By eliminating costly training programs and standardized tests, the Institute created a process that matches the standard management, processes for enterprise application security, and consistent with today's industry best-practices.
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Chintan Dave said…
Dude........ Jeremiah Grossman posted it on April 1. Do you wanna be a certified ASS - take ass literally as an ass?

Did u notice that the email id poits to a gmail address?

I appreciate the way they have articulated!
Nilesh Kumar said…
I know dude...that's why see ";)" in my post's caption...

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