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MHTML files

Today my colleague Surendra had a query regarding a weird popup coming up while he was trying to access a website. Although even, I was not very familiar with the kind of message he was getting. All we wanted to know, if it's really anything malicious! He was trying to access some page, and the website was making some weird request to the webserver in order to load some object (here it was a calender) from the server: mhtml: The warning message was like this: Even I had not noticed like anything in the past, I did a little research on the topic. The browser was trying to load some MHTML page.MHTML is simply a MIME HTML format, used to combine all the external resources, which are generally loaded as external link, with HTML code into a single file. Generally this file has extension as .mht. So any .mht file contains mix of HTML code and other objects such as, Flash, images, applets, audio files etc. The content of .mht