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Memory leakage in 2-tier applications

The 2-tier applications use front-end to directly communicate to DB. There's no separate business logic tier. All the business logic are at client side. Thick client applications (mostly) are classic examples of that. Applications developed in .Net and Java could be found in big nos. inside any organization. Sometimes it's difficult to straightaway move to 3-tier architecture. Businesses are reluctant to accept this approach due to: - Moving towards 3-tier involves a great amount of coding efforts and  money. - Sometimes the applications are almost end of life and are not being retired just because of there;s no good reason to do so.  - Most of the above applications are Intranet applications. Business claims that being an internal application, this is less susceptible to attack. But they forget one very big risk under these claims- sensitive information in memory dumps.  The application being 2-tier connects to DB while constructing the connection string using DB