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Something about NACL and Security Groups- Cloud Security

NACL and Security Groups: Archietctre: 1. Security Groups are attached with every EC2 instance. 2. NACLs are situarted at boundary level- at subnet bounadries. Firewall type: 1. NACLs are Stateless firewalls- meaing they don't keep track of packest going in and out. Everytime a packet leaves a boundary, the NACL checks if this packet is going to be allwed or not, and every time a packet comes inside the boundary, it checks again if the packet is allowed to enter or not. As an analogy, NACL can be condidered as Passwport Control, which even if remebers you by face, will check for your visa and passport before letting you in. 2. Security groups are stateful firewalls- meaning they remember what packet left and do not check when they come back. They keep track of ecah packet going out and in. As an analogy, they can be considered as a security guard siitng at the front gate, who remenbers who went out and let him in. Traffic: 1. As NACL is stateles, it makes the decision t